FAQ on Jun-ya Terazono

This is a corner that describes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Jun-ya Terazono. You can
mail to me if you have any questions for me.

Why are you called as "terakin" ??
Why is your code name "JTV" ?

Why are you called as "terakin" ??

This problem stems from the nature of "Kanji Character". Here I show my name in Kanji:
The first character says "Tera", means a temple. The second character pronounces "sono" or "zono" (this character means a garden). These two character are combined to make my family name "Terazono" (You should not misunderstand that I am Italian. I am pure JAPANESE). The third is "jun", and fourth is "ya". This two characters are also combined to make my first name "Jun-ya" (Please do not spell my family name as "Junya". It may confuse you when pronounces it).

And, the second character "zono" resembles the following kanji character:
This is a kanji pronounced as "kin". Some people writes "zono" like this "kin", because the character "zono" is too complicated to write fast. So, my name is sometimes written like "Tera-kin". This is my official nickname which are often used for E-mail address.
The kanji "kin" means bacteria or virus. But, of course, I have not any connection with such creatures.

Why is your code name "JTV" ?

As you already may noticed, "V" of the JTV is a Virus. JT is my initials.
If you calls me "JT", you will confuse with another famous JT, Japan Tobacco Company. So, with putting the "V" for my initials, my abbreviated nicknames, or three-character nicknames, are now JTV.
Three-character nicknames are sometimes useful, for example, putting file extension such as "autoexec.jtv". Would you try to invent your own three-character nickname ?

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